Special Ways to Honor Past Loved Ones at Your Wedding

Vista View Events | Kristine and Justin

Being wedding planners means we see a lot of weddings and the different ways couples plan the big day. We see the trends they incorporate, unique touches they put on the day, tried-and-true schedules, and cool twists we take notes of! With Memorial Day weekend ahead, we’ve been thinking about the ways we’ve seen couples…

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I Just Got Engaged! Now What?

I Just Got Engaged! Now What?? by April Marie Events | Grand Junction Wedding Planner

The question has been asked, a ‘yes’ has been given, parents and friends have been informed, and now you’re settling into a post-engagement glow.  Then, the questions begin: “So, when are you getting married?” “Have you chosen a venue yet?” “Who are you inviting?” “What are your colors?” “What’s for dinner?” “Have you gotten your…

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