Why do Wedding Coordinators Cost So Much?

Want to know a secret most couples don’t know? The “Day-of Coordinator” is actually a myth! Most couples who think to themselves, “Why do wedding coordinators cost so much?” just don’t realize what a wedding coordinator really is. Maybe you’re thinking a coordinator shows up on your wedding day and makes magic happen. That is…

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Top Five Tips To Avoid Getting Overwhelmed with Wedding Planning

Vista View Events | Kristine and Justin

If you’ve recently gotten engaged and started to think about your wedding planning journey, you’ve probably realized how quickly it can become overwhelming. The lists, the searches, the questions, the expenses, the inspiration…. It’s a lot! We’ve got some pro tips for you to keep from getting burnt out on wedding planning. Here are our…

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Wedding Planning Guide: Your Plan of Attack

Weddings at Restoration Vineyards

You’re engaged and excited and ready to start planning your wedding. But where do you start? Who do you call first? What is the process? We can get you organized and prepared to plan your wedding like a seasoned pro. As the new year starts and couples have just gotten engaged over the holidays, we…

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