If you’re hosting a destination in Colorado, there are some things you’ll want to know to make your time in our state the best it can be! The elevation is not the only thing that makes our state a little different than your average wedding location. Here are our destination wedding planning tips for Colorado Weddings:

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Staying hydrated at elevation is so important to having a better time here in Colorado. Be sure you’re drinking water, and plan to have more water for your guests than you might be expecting! This will help with the altitude adjustment and generally make your guests’ experience much more enjoyable.


At higher elevations the sun is, effectively, much stronger than at sea level. Ensure you have sunscreen on at all times — especially leading up to the wedding! If you’ll be here days in advance to acclimate to the altitude, don’t forget the sunscreen. We’ve seen our fair share of accidental sunburns at rehearsal dinners!


Another unique thing about being at higher altitude is the body’s reaction to alcohol is stronger. This is great if you’re paying for guests’ drinks! But it’s important to remind guests to take it a little slower than you would at sea level. Providing a bar with soda or mocktail options in addition to alcohol can help keep people on track for a longer night of celebrating safely.


Here in Colorado our marriage laws are a little different! The state does not require witnesses on your marriage certificate – or even an officiant! It’s called “self-solemnization” and it’s a great option if you are having a smaller wedding, eloping, or just don’t want to deal with finding an ordained officiant to lead your ceremony. Your dog can even sign their paw print as a witness if you’d like!

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Depending on where you’re getting married in Colorado, your choice in footwear can be important. If you’ll be anywhere in the mountains outside a resort, you should check with your photographer or planner if a comfier pair of shoes is a necessity for the epic photos you’re looking for. Sometimes a small hike or a little mud is involved! Be prepared and know what you’ll need in advance.


Another big shock we see couples experience about their destination wedding planning here in Colorado is seasons. Depending on what part of Colorado you’re getting married in, the seasons might not be what you’re expecting! April and May are considered “mud season” for much of the mountains, and some of the towns even shut down during these months. Similarly, our autumn starts much earlier than some states, with leaves changing as early as the second week of September. Down at lower elevations like Grand Junction or Denver, fall can last into late October. Check with local professionals to ensure you know what to expect!

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High Altitude

In general, the higher altitude can affect your guests’ health and experience. Make sure to include information for them about how best to acclimate, and what they should consider about the elevation. Preparing them for the change will give them the best experience!

Going into your destination wedding planning with these tips will ensure you have a more stress-free wedding and you’ll feel at ease knowing the area a little better! If you need any help planning a wedding here in Colorado, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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