If your wedding is coming up in the next month or two, you might have come to the conclusion that it’s time to postpone your wedding. But where do you start?

Below are the steps I’ve taken to successfully and easily move many weddings while being able to keep the vendor team intact.

How do I reschedule or postpone my wedding because of COVID-19?

Willow Pond Bed & Breakfast Wedding | Grand Junction Wedding Coordinator

McKenzie Deakins

Here are the steps I’ve taken to make sure that all wedding businesses were able to move with the bride and groom:

1. Create a spreadsheet with all of your vendors (which are just the wedding businesses who are helping you). Don’t forget to include:

    • Venue
    • Caterer
    • Alcohol provider
    • Officiant
    • Photographer
    • Videographer
    • Planner
    • Transportation
    • Baker
    • DJ/band
    • Rentals
    • Florals
    • Hair & makeup
    • Photo booth
    • Portable restrooms
    • Anyone else helping in a major way with the big day!

2. Create a list of a few alternative dates you are willing to consider. If you are hosting your wedding at a wedding venue, call them first and ask for a list of alternative dates that are available later in the year. Even if you are hosting your event at a private location, instead of choosing just one date, if you pick a few possible dates you’ll likely have more success moving your wedding team.

Be Flexible & Communicate

Willow Pond Bed & Breakfast Wedding | Grand Junction Wedding Coordinator

McKenzie Deakins

Keep in mind, that Fridays & Sundays are a great option! If you are getting married in the spring or early summer of 2020, it’s very likely that most or all late summer and fall’ Saturday dates are already booked. So, go into this process with an open mind to a day of the week other than just Saturday.

3. After you have your list of business and your possible dates, it’s time to craft a group email. COMMUNICATION IS KEY! Reach out to everyone who you’ve booked so far and let them know that you are interested in rescheduling your date because of COVID-19. Let them know that you are considering multiple alternative dates, and ask them to please respond to each date with a yes or a no.

4. Track those responses! As your team emails you back saying that they are or aren’t available on each date, track those responses on your spreadsheet. I like to use green for a yes and red for a no. That way I have a great visual on what dates work best.

5. Assess the responses you got from your team. Is there a date that works for everyone? If so, that just might be your new date! If there isn’t one clear winner, weigh the dates that look the best. You might have to switch out a vendor or two, but find the compromise that feels best for both of you.

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6. Confirm the change. After you’ve done all of this and decided on which date works best for you and your wedding team, pull that group email back up and let everyone know what you’ve decided. Be very straightforward and clear, tell them the new confirmed date and ask them to please change your date. Ask for any contract updates that you need to sign, and confirm any additional fees for this date change.

7. Update your guests! Now that you’ve done the tough part, it’s time to let your family & guests know. If you have a wedding website, change the date. If you’ve already sent out invitations, you might need to send a second round, letting your guests know the new date. You can also start a closed Facebook group where you add everyone who is invited. That gives you a quick place to get information out.

8. Tie up any loose ends. Finally, make sure you move any hotel room blocks, move the rentals for the groom’s & groomsmen’s suits, rehearsal dinner plans, and any other small pieces of the wedding you’ve planned.


If this all sounds like a huge headache, I totally get it. Inquire with me and see if my services might help you through this!

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How do I reschedule my wedding because of COVID-19?

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