As we come into the summer months, plenty of you out there will begin to experience wedding planning fatigue. Maybe you got engaged at the holidays and are tired of still having so many things on your to-do list. Maybe you knocked out the major decisions at the beginning but now feel like there are a million little things to tackle. You’re not alone in this feeling, and the good news is there are ways to fight wedding planning fatigue!

How to Combat Wedding Planning Fatigue

What is Wedding Planning Fatigue?

Wedding planning fatigue – or wedding planning burnout – can manifest itself in a few key ways. You may be feeling general stress about planning the wedding. Some couples will feel overwhelmed by everything, and sometimes that manifests by ignoring planning altogether. You may start to feel negative emotions toward your wedding because of these feelings! Obviously none of this is a good way to live your life. So what can you do to fight the wedding planning fatigue?

How to Combat Wedding Planning Fatigue

Take a break

The first thing you can do is take a break from wedding planning. Make it a requirement to step away from decision-making. Go on a date with your fiance. Have a night on the town with your wedding party. Reconnect with your support system and don’t be afraid to talk about your emotions! Focusing on the reason and intention behind the wedding can give you some grounding and make the decisions feel a lot less heavy.

Focus on the fun

Think about a fun part of your wedding and take time to plan that out. Are you buying gifts for your wedding party? Can you look at packages for the honeymoon? Giving your brain a boost of serotonin amid the drudgery can really help bring you back to enjoying parts of this journey.

Prioritize and minimize

Make sure you prioritize what really matters to YOU for your wedding. If you feel like you have 100 people to please and all your family and friends are adding to your to-do list, reel it back in and remember that this day is about the two of you. All that really matters is that you get married by the end of the day! No one will remember which color of green confetti was on the table or if you had wedding favors or not. If it’s not bringing you joy or if it won’t bring you joy on the day of, you can totally cut it out. Minimizing your decisions you need to make can greatly reduce your stress levels around planning.

Hire a wedding planner

Finally, the obvious answer is to hire a planner! Having someone to guide you through, keep track of the lists for you, and someone with all the answers you might need really takes all the stress off your shoulders! Many planners even offer packages just to help coordinate the last month/day-of your wedding. If you’ve got most of the decisions made but are stressed about the logistics of the big day, consider hiring a professional who is doing this every weekend!

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