As we all know, most wedding planning starts on the amazing and inspiring Pinterest. You can jump on there to look up one little thing, then BAM!, it’s 3 hours later and you’ve created a web of boards ranging from your dream wedding to your favorite new workouts.

Pinterest is an excellent tool for gaining inspiration, learning hacks, and for gathering lots ideas in one place. But, too many couples use Pinterest as a blueprint for their wedding day. You find a bouquet you love, and tell the florist to make the same thing. You see a dress that’s beautiful, and go on the search for the identical dress. You see a beautiful cake, and send the image to your baker, asking for a replica. You try to turn your “Dream Wedding” board into reality, instead of finding inspiration from your lives, your setting, and your own love story.

Two Rivers Winery Wedding by April Marie Events and Glasser ImagesBefore we really get into how to have a Pin-worthy wedding (instead of re-creating a Pinterest wedding someone else has already had), let’s talk for a minute about one big pitfall of Pinterest: not all of those pretty wedding images that are being pinned are real! I was recently talking to Camberly, of Simply Cakes by Camberly, and she said that she sometimes receives images of cakes from couples that are simply demo cakes, created on round cake dummies. Similarly, many large floral Pins are created with silk flowers. So, when you’re looking through Pinterest for inspiration and deciding what you want, you might not even be looking at real pieces that can be re-created for your big day.

So, what’s the alternative? How are couples supposed to plan their wedding without just sending their wedding vendors images from Pinterest to copy? Buckle up babes, let’s discuss how!


Palisade River Ranch Wedding & Varaison Vineyards Wedding Reception | April Marie EventsThis is my absolute favorite place to find inspiration for any wedding. No one else in the entire world has the same special and amazing relationship as you and your significant other. You have your own unique memories, inside jokes, and set of activities that you love to do together. Why not draw on those things for inspiration? If you both love the ocean or were born near the beach, you can choose to use blue tones and a cool sandy accents. Maybe you love to travel, and you’ve visited multiple states or countries together. You can skip table numbers and instead label your tables with places you’ve been. Ready to get really crazy? Maybe you both LOVE The Office, so you decide to have an Office themed wedding.

There are no right or wrong answers when looking into your relationship for inspiration for your wedding. The best part about using these things to plan your wedding is that as soon as your guests walk into your wedding, they’ll know that it could only be yours, and no one else’s. It will make your day more personal, special, and definitely more unique.


Vista View Events Wedding by April Marie EventsWhere you choose to get married makes a huge difference on the kind of wedding you are probably going to have. And, if you try to plan and create a wedding wildly different than your setting, you’re probably going to have a tougher planning journey. So, instead of finding ideas on Pinterest that may, or may not, go with your venue and setting, work with your space to create a wedding that complements where you’re at.

So how do you do that? I suggest starting with a walk through of your venue or space. Notice how you feel when you’re there, take note of the little details and pieces that already exist. If you’re getting married outside, notice the view and the setting and the colors that are already there. If you’re getting married inside, notice if your venue has a chandelier, or rafters, other details already in place that you can work with and incorporate.

After you’ve toured and paid lots of attention, write down a few key words that you feel describe your space. Use those words when you talk to your florist and baker and planner and photographer. Let them know the feelings of your space to give them an idea of what to create for you that would be most appropriate. Use those words as you search online for the pieces that will bring your wedding together.


Moab Wedding at Whispering Oaks by April Marie Events and Emily Klarer PhotographyI alluded to it before, but your wedding professionals are probably your most under-utilized asset! They have seen countless weddings, and probably have some amazing ideas that they haven’t been able to utilize yet. When you hire your florist and DJ, you know that they are experts at weddings, which is why you have confidence in hiring them. But, instead of giving them images from Pinterest to copy or re-create, you are likely to have a much more unique and personal wedding if you ask your professionals for feedback and creative ideas to make your wedding more special. It is great to show them a few pictures from Pinterest to give them a flavor of your likes and dislikes, but then ask them for their ideas and creativity. This will make your pro’s more excited and engaged in your wedding day, will likely bring out their best work, and will make your day unlike anything anyone has ever Pinned before.

So here we are, at your unique and amazing and never-before-seen wedding. There are personal touches that are unique to you and your honey, your wedding fits beautifully in its setting, and your vendors have created beautiful pieces that take the day over the top. Your vendors will probably use the images of your big day to show off their work and yours on Pinterest and other social media platforms.

You might not realize it, but by taking these steps you’ve created a totally Pin-worthy wedding.

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