If you’re planning your wedding as a celebration of your love and new journey of marriage for all your guests to enjoy with you, your focus is probably on the experience of your guests at the party! Creating an experience that people will enjoy and talk about for years to come is a goal many couples share when planning their big day. How do you achieve such lofty goals? There are a few simple tips and ideas that will help you to create the best wedding experience for your guests from a wedding planner’s perspective, so let’s dive in:

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Lounge seating

Making sure you provide comfortable seating for your guests beyond just dinner time is an essential way to make your guests feel welcome at your wedding, and encourage them to stay longer at your reception! If there are “hang out” areas for people to relax and connect with others through the night they are more likely to stay later, and if you’re planning a grand exit at the end of the night that means more people to send you off.

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Late night snack

We have seen more couples investing in what we are affectionately calling the “late night snack” – and it’s a unanimous win with guests! From donuts to popcorn bars to wings and other snack munchies, if you’re planning on your party going after 9pm, it’s a great idea to plan a second round of food for your guests after dinner. By that time you’ve all danced your dinner away, maybe had a few drinks, and a pick-me-up of food is the best recipe for an excellent experience. You can theme it around your vision for the day or pick your favorite late night snack to share with everyone! The more creative, the more fun. And your guests will thank you, we promise!

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Another great option for how to create the best wedding experience for your guests is smaller meal options. We’ve noticed an increase in “tapas” or meal stations at wedding dinners in the last year or two, and it is a big hit with guests. Having a variety of food options, and smaller portions to sample a wider variety of tastes, creates a fun dining experience and is something unique and new to many guests. Plus if you can’t decide on one or two entrees, this is a magical solution!

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Signature cocktails

Creating signature cocktails for your bar menu is a great conversation starter for your guests. Talking about this standout drink can be an ice breaker if you’ve got single friends who you hope will mingle, or can be a fun way to introduce your guests to a meaningful part of your love story. If you met at a wine tasting, or if you have a shot you and your family share at big life events, sharing that tradition or story with your guests at your wedding is a fun way to include them.

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Offer more than just dancing

Having things for your guests to do at your reception other than just a dance floor is another great way to create the best wedding experience for your guests. We’ve seen couples host a cigar bar, yard games, bonfire circle, and more! If you know your guests aren’t big dancers, having these other options will help them feel more comfortable and keep the party going later into the night.

First look

Doing a first look is not only a great experience for you as a couple (ask any photographer for more reasons to opt for this fun new tradition!) but it also has a huge impact on guest experience at your wedding. We’ve probably all been to weddings where the cocktail hour is long and boring, because all the wedding party and family is away taking pictures. If you opt for a first look, so many of these photos can be done before the ceremony, leaving you time to mingle at the cocktail hour with your guests!

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Creative dessert bars

Thankfully it is 2021 and the days of *having* to have cake at your wedding are OVER. Don’t get us wrong, we live for the cake at a wedding! But having the option for creative desserts tied to your theme and vision for the day, or your favorite dessert option other than cake is a total win in our book. You can imagine how awesome a dessert bar full of brownies, cookies, macarons, ice cream sundaes, kringla, donuts, or any other dessert you can dream of would be as a creative dessert bar at your wedding! More of a cookie person than a cake person? It’s totally allowed to split a cookie instead of cutting the cake. These creative desserts will surprise your guests from the same-old-same and any guests who don’t LOVE cake will be thrilled too.

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Food trucks

Catering your wedding celebration with food trucks is not only a fun and modern way of feeding your guests, but it can be a great way to give your guests a wider array of dinner options than just chicken or beef. From taco trucks and pizza trucks, to specialty trucks like Surfin’ Salmon or Be Crepeful, our Grand Junction area has so many fun options to choose from too!

Focusing on how to create the best wedding experience for your guests can be overwhelming at first, but these simple tips and tricks will guarantee your guests have an incredible time and you’ll all make the most of your celebration!

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