The word is out, we have a sister company, Kosi Rentals, where we focus on unique rentals and soft seating areas. So today we want to talk about ways you can use soft seating at your next event, and maybe even use soft seating with Kosi Rentals!

There are so many ways to consider when you are thinking about how to decorate your wedding venue for your wedding day: candles, flowers, signage, and more! A new wedding trend is to have soft seating areas for you and your guests to enjoy during the ceremony, cocktail hour and throughout the reception.  Not only does bringing in some larger furniture pieces provide alternate seating options, it is also a fantastic way to bring in more of your personality into the venue space.  Here are our top 9 ways to use soft seating on your wedding day!


For the photo booth!

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Bringing in a cute love seat or other seating elements can really help to personalize your rented photo booth, creating photos that really match the feel of the rest of the event.  A&B built a custom wall complete with photos of family members and places for friends to pop into the background.  Guests had a blast creating different photo-ops together.




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Claire Hunt Photography

Take some sunset bridal shots!

Your photographer and/or videographer will love having props to use during sunset photos.  The bride and groom pictured here utilized rental pieces from Kosi Rentals in the field at Vista View Events to create some magical couples shots that she will surely cherish forever.

Wedding party photos!

Your wedding party is dressed to nines!  They’re looking good, they’re feeling good.  Utilize soft seating to have your photographer snag some shots of your people looking good.  N&B and their wedding parties sat on rented furniture from Wallflower Rentals  at Vista View Events and were able to capture the incredible shots shown here.

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Jill Houser Photography


Front row of your ceremony!

The front row of the ceremony is typically reserved for your most important family and friends, why not spice it up and use non-traditional seating, like loveseats for those special people?!  J&J had an early fall wedding last year and had quite a bit of rain, we ended up bumping the ceremony inside the venue at Vista View Events and created a soft seating front row for the bride and groom’s parents so they could watch the ceremony in style.

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Mallory Williams Photography






Sweetheart or head table seating!  

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Jessica Cooke Photography

A great way to use soft and/or special seating would be to sit in more grand chairs for dinner, special dances, and toasts.  L&N got married at Amy’s Courtyard in Palisade, Colorado and brought in their own vintage chairs to sit in for the dinner portion of the evening.  Once dinner was over and we moved inside for dancing and fun,

Selfie station!  

Maybe you don’t have a rented photo booth for your wedding.  That’s ok!  Guests will likely have their phones on them and will be eager to take photos of themselves in your beautifully decorated reception space. 

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Josh King Photography

T&J got married at The Observatory at Alta Lakes, outside of Telluride, Colorado.  This venue is incredibly beautiful and this couple took the time to bring in tents and soft seating from Charming Chairs so that guests could take in the rustic, mountain views while remaining comfortable and cozy. The guests seen here used the different seating areas to take pictures together.


Near the bar! 

Create your own lounge.  This is a great way to bring in soft seating that just makes sense.  Guests can lounge and have cocktails in between dances.  K&D had a live band at the Hoodoo Hotel in Moab, Utah and Elite Events helped to create two identical lounges near the dance floor so that even if their guests didn’t feel like dancing, they could still sit near the stage in comfort and hear all the sweet jams!

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Angela Hays Photography








Share a toast!

The day of your wedding can be a real blur.  So much love, so many people, and only so many hours!  B&M took a few moments after sunset photos to enjoy their lounge seating area from Stonewood Vintage near the Tipsy Trailer Mobile Bar and  shared a private champagne toast before joining their guests for dinner and dancing.  This couple got married on their personal, private property and during this champagne moment, their sweet kitty crashed the party, creating some super special memories and photos.

*not pictured, this kitty eating my assistants salmon dinner later that evening.


Sign your marriage license!

Use special seating as a place to sign your marriage license.  If you’re planning on signing your marriage license on your wedding day, this is a great way to utilize soft seating.  Not only is it a nice moment to sit down somewhere comfortable before the reception gets rolling, it will also look stunning in photos.  L&J were married at the Red Earth Venue in Moab, Utah and brought in special seating from our sister company, Kosi Rentals.  L&J, pictured below, signed their marriage license in style!

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Emily Klarer Photography



There are so many creative ways to use soft seating on your wedding day.  Whether you wan to bring in more color for some big bold designs.  Or you’re more of a neutral decor person, that’s great too!  The options are truly endless and there are choices at all budget levels.  If you end up working with a rental company to create lounge sets and/or seating areas, they will also help you with design if you don’t know where to start.  And if you want to stick to a budget, you can use furniture from your home or even thrift some for the big event!  We can’t wait to see how you make your big day cozier!




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