Being wedding planners means we see a lot of weddings and the different ways couples plan the big day. We see the trends they incorporate, unique touches they put on the day, tried-and-true schedules, and cool twists we take notes of! With Memorial Day weekend ahead, we’ve been thinking about the ways we’ve seen couples include lost loved ones on the big day. If you’re looking for special ways to honor passed loved ones at your wedding, we’ve got some great options for you!


Vista View Events | Kristine and JustinPhotos are an easy way to honor the memory of your loved ones who are not still around. We’ve seen couples create a special table outside the ceremony or at the reception (or both!) of photographs of their loved ones who couldn’t be in attendance, whether because they’ve passed away or were simply unable to be there. You could take a portrait holding their photograph to keep that memory too!


If your loved one had a notable favorite flower or color, you could opt to include that in your plans. By incorporating their favorite flower in your arrangements or using their favorite color in your decor, it’s like a little piece of them is there on the day of, and they had a role in planning your celebration. 

Vista View Events | Kristine and JustinSave a Seat

One of the sweetest ways to honor passed loved ones at your wedding that we’ve seen is reserved seats at the ceremony. Leave a “reserved for ___” sign on a seat in the front row, knowing they would be sitting there in spirit. We’ve even seen couples have their wedding party carry a single rose each, and lay them on the reserved seat as they reach the front of the ceremony. You could take a moment with the seat after your first look, to keep their memory fresh as you head into the affairs to come.

Orchard River View Wedding | April Marie EventsKeep them Close

A more trendy option for honoring your loved ones are tangible keepsakes to keep them close to you on the day of your wedding. Couples have wrapped charms on the bouquet or used a small image like that on a tie clip. We’ve seen handkerchiefs created with lace from loved ones wedding dresses or a loved one’s old handkerchief/t-shirt. You could use that as your pocket square or wrap it around the bouquet to hold those loved ones close throughout the day. 

Collbran Private Property Wedding for Cassy & Matt by April Marie Events and The DelacastrosPlan a Release

We’ve seen weddings incorporate a release of sorts, honoring loved ones on the wedding day. One couple chose balloons that the flower girls carried to the front of the aisle, releasing them during a moment of silence at the beginning of the ceremony in memory of those lost loved ones. Rather than a sparkler exit, you could plan a lantern release in the evening to honor your loved ones (depending on fire danger, of course!)

However you choose to include a memorial to your loved ones on your wedding day will be a beautiful tribute to them, and it’s so special that you’re thinking about these options at all. Hopefully these ways to honor passed loved ones at your wedding will help inspire you to get creative when you plan how to include them in your big day. There are no set rules for memorials at weddings – do what you feel honors your loved ones best!

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Special Ways to Honor Past Loved Ones at Your Wedding

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