A Whispering Oaks Wedding in Moab, UT

Whispering Oaks Ranch Wedding | Moab Wedding Planner

The Call for a Moab Wedding Planner… in July When I first got the call about a wedding in Moab, Utah in July I was… worried to say the least. Was it going to be 108 degrees while our guests baked in the hot desert sun? How much sunscreen would we need? How would we…

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A Mountain Wedding at T Lazy 7 Ranch

April Marie Events | T Lazy 7 Wedding

Driving through Glenwood Springs on a warm summer afternoon earlier this year, Nikki & I couldn’t help but be excited for the upcoming wedding at T Lazy 7 Ranch. We were excited for a number of reasons… We got to escape the heat for the weekend by traveling up to around 8,000 ft.  Our incredible…

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