If you’ve recently gotten engaged and started to think about your wedding planning journey, you’ve probably realized how quickly it can become overwhelming. The lists, the searches, the questions, the expenses, the inspiration…. It’s a lot! We’ve got some pro tips for you to keep from getting burnt out on wedding planning. Here are our top five tips to avoid getting overwhelmed with wedding planning:


Backyard Wedding in RidgwayThe first tip to avoid getting overwhelmed with wedding planning would be to prioritize. Figure out what pieces of the puzzle matter most to you and plan to book those first! You will start to feel stressed and pressured about getting those booked if you save them for down the line. You don’t need to worry whether your favorite photographer is booking someone else for your date, or if the venue you’ve always dreamed of is available. Get your priorities booked right off the bat, and sit back and relax the rest of the way!

Piece by Piece

Wedding at Vista View EventsTry to avoid thinking about ALL the pieces of the planning puzzle you need to accomplish. If you consider every little detail you need to make decisions on all at once, you will definitely feel overwhelmed! Find a resource that can tell you what you should be booking when (hi, we can help with that!) and just focus on those little pieces of the puzzle to break it up. Even with a short engagement, you’ve got time to spread the decisions out to avoid getting overwhelmed with wedding planning.


If you’re really feeling the strain of lists and lists of wedding planning, try to find vendors who can bundle some of your needs. A venue that provides tables and linens, and sometimes even catering and bar services, can be a huge weight off your chest. Finding a planner that can help handle your floral or a photographer/videographer team just makes your list shrink even more. Just be sure to consider if the bundle seems too good to be true. Most vendors cannot be “all in one” and still do a good job at each part of what they offer. But a DJ who also has a photobooth or rental company with every decor item you could dream of is a great way to help you avoid getting overwhelmed with wedding planning!

Schedule in Fun

Trust us on this one – schedule in your fun! Wedding planning is a lot, sure, but it is such a fun season of life too. Don’t forget to relish the new bling on your finger and new fiancé title! Schedule a date night now and then, bring your partner to cake tastings for a sugary treat, or have fun planning your signature cocktails for the reception. Take dance lessons if that’s your thing! Making time to focus on the excitement of this time will help make the decisions a lot easier to handle.

Get Support

Vista View Events | Kristine and JustinDon’t go it alone in planning your wedding. Even if hiring a wedding planner isn’t really your thing (though we seriously recommend it!), get your Maid of Honor or one of your parents in the trenches with you! Having support and someone besides your partner who can help you along this journey is so important. Sometimes you need a third party person to help you make decisions. Bonus points if they’ve been down this road before too!

Hopefully these five tips to avoid getting overwhelmed with wedding planning will help you along your journey through this new season of life with less stress and more joy in the process! If you still feel like it’s just too much, please reach out and see if one of our services is just the thing you need to get planning under control.

April Marie Events | Wedding Planner Coordinator



Top Five Tips To Avoid Getting Overwhelmed with Wedding Planning

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