Through the last year or two we’ve noticed a progression in ceremony backdrops that we are loving! What started out as a more traditional backdrop of a simple arch with some florals has evolved into all kinds of designs and customizations. Here are some ceremony backdrops, arches and arbors that we’ve loved:

The Mountains

VanWinkle | Micro Wedding at Vista View EventsJust because we’re in Colorado and have actual mountains, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also opt for a mountain range “archway” for your ceremony backdrop! This setup at Vista View Events brings together your wedding theme into the ceremony, and can be adorned with some stunning flowers too.


From the original simple arch to these new geometric designs, we’re loving the vibes and different options of these archways! You can bring in elements of your wedding theme with these backdrops and customize them with flowers, lanterns, rugs and more. We’ve seen couples do octagons, triangles, circles, the options are endless!

Linen Drapes

Restoration Vineyards ceremony backdrop | April Marie Events | Photo: Amanda matilda PhotographyWith so many outdoor weddings in our area, we’ve seen some couples take advantage of the natural beauty by framing it with a simple linen as their backdrop, and we’re huge fans! This linen from Elite Events draped in the old tree on the property makes for a great focal point for your wedding ceremony and highlights what makes the venue so beautiful.


Jason & Aneill - Firefighter wedding by April Marie Events and Amanda Matilda PhotographyIt may not be a new idea, but here in Colorado it’s still a popular trend! You can incorporate the natural look of your venue in your ceremony backdrop with an aspen wood arbor to tie everything together. We’ve seen these types of arbors adorned with linens or flowers to bring in a pop of color, or just standing on their own!


April Marie Events | T Lazy 7 Wedding

Rouxby Photography | T Lazy 7 Ranch

One of our favorite ceremony arches and arbors we’ve seen is an elegant floral display! From free standing pillars of flowers or grasses to an incredible full arch entirely made of flowers, this is a great way to make a statement out of your archway backdrop.

The Wall

Another big trend in ceremony backdrops is the wall look. Whether it’s a full wall of boxwoods for a greenery theme or a custom designed background made from painted plywood, there are a lot of unique and trendy walls to pull in the theme of your wedding to your ceremony. You could even use a wall of greenery with a feature neon sign piece that would look incredible!

What ceremony backdrops have you seen trending in your area? Let us know in the comments below!

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