You’re engaged and excited and ready to start planning your wedding. But where do you start? Who do you call first? What is the process? We can get you organized and prepared to plan your wedding like a seasoned pro. As the new year starts and couples have just gotten engaged over the holidays, we figured it was a good time to feature one of our lesser-known services with the blog! Our “Plan of Attack” package gives you a guide to the start of wedding planning. We’ll set up your budget, create a timeline for planning, and even give you a custom list of recommended vendors. Whether you have a vision going in or not, having us as a guide from the get-go sets you up for success to send you on your planning journey with all the tools you’ll need. If you’re the type of person who wants to be in control of planning your own wedding, but just doesn’t know where to start, this is the wedding planning package for you! Here’s what to expect:

Wedding Planning Guide |  Weddings at Restoration VineyardsStrategy Session

First things first, we’ll meet to get to know each other! What does your “big picture” look like – what have you thought about so far? Do you have anything envisioned? Working through these questions over coffee (or Zoom!) will help us get an idea of where we’re starting. Even if you have nothing in mind yet, that’s totally fine! We’ll meet you where you are — every wedding planning journey starts in its own place.

Why We Love Weekday WeddingsBudget Development & Prioritization

At this strategy session we also help you create your budget. This is the foundation of all your wedding planning and is a crucial first step! We will talk with you about what is realistic, what you can afford, and who is contributing what to establish what finances we’re starting with. From there, we will discuss your priorities. Knowing what matters most to you in spending will help us know how to allocate that budget we created so that you will know where to bend a little and where to try to save your money more.

Orchard River View Wedding | April Marie EventsTheme Creation

After we have established your budget with you, we’re on to the fun part: theme creation! We will dream with you about what mood, vibes, and ideas you’ve seen and desire for your wedding. Are you ski bums looking for a chill, snowy, cozy wedding theme? Or maybe you’re more upbeat and easy-going, looking to create the most fun and memorable wedding your friends will go to this year? As we brainstorm, we will take notes of big pieces you’ll need to make that vision come to life.

Wedding Planning Guide | Vista View Events | Kristine and JustinVendor Recommendations

Which brings us to the next big feature of the Plan of Attack: vendor recommendations. Once we get a feel for the vibe of your wedding theme and have your budget in mind, we will pass along our tried and true vendor recommendations that we think would be perfect for bringing your dreams to life!

Plan of Attack

The final step in this package is putting it all together and creating your Plan of Attack. We will meet with you to create a timeline for your wedding planning journey – when to book what, shopping lists, and how to get you from this starting point we’ve created together to completing your wedding planning on your own.

If this package sounds like just what you need to get started on planning your own wedding, let’s grab coffee or drinks! Click here to set up a meeting. Wedding planning is an adventure, and we’re stoked to be your guide.

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