After many months of planning, preparing and dreaming, the big day is only a week away! You may have a million and one things on your mind to try to remember, or it may be hard to even believe it’s finally so close. However you’re feeling, there are some important things NOT to do the week before your wedding.

Don’t Work All the Way to Friday

Vista View Events Wedding | April Marie EventsIf you’re planning to work right up until the hour before your rehearsal Friday evening, please reconsider! There will be so many family members coming to town the day or two leading up to your wedding, final details you’ll remember, and in general you probably just won’t be as focused at work as you normally would be. When you take time off for your honeymoon, don’t forget to take a couple days before the big day off too. Trust me, you’ll thank me later!

Don’t Stress The Little Things

Maybe you forgot to buy a ribbon for your dog’s leash, or you remembered someone will need to pop the popcorn for the cocktail hour (been there!) – don’t panic. There will probably be a few little things that slip through the cracks, but it’s not the end of the world! Line up someone you trust who is not your parent or in the wedding party (Hi, that’s what planners and coordinators are for!) to pop that popcorn or run to Target for some safety pins so that you’re covered and you don’t need to stress it.

Don’t Forget to Gather the Details

Your photographer will likely want to take photos of all your little details. The rings, your hair piece, shoes, jewelry, and invitations. Grab a box or a bag and keep them all in one place. As the week goes on you might remember other details you want captured too. Pop them in the box as you think of them! That way you won’t be worrying about finding your earrings or whether you packed the bracelet your mom got you. 

Don’t Hit the Salons

Antler Ridge Wedding | Kasmira & EddieOne of the most essential things not to do the week before your wedding is suddenly change something in your appearance. It may be tempting to cut your hair, get a spray tan, or change your skincare routine for that promised glow, but don’t give in! If you’re going to get a haircut before the big day, do it a few weeks out so it has time to grow in a little and look even better. Same with a spray tan – if you’re planning to do it, give it a few weeks to even out. Plus that way if either end up disastrous you have time to fix it (these things happen!) As for skincare, stick to your normal routine, from your cleansing and moisturizer to makeup products. Switching to something new the week before could cause a breakout that you’d rather avoid.

Don’t Crash Diet or do Crazy Workouts

It’s totally normal to suddenly worry about fitting into your dress the week before your wedding. Even if you know it will fit, maybe you’re trying to shed those last couple pounds. The worst thing you could do is go on a crazy crash diet or workout plan right before the big day though. You need to feel your best to fight off stress and illness, so eat healthy and keep your normal workout routine – you’ll still look great, I promise!

The final thing not to do the week before your wedding is forget to enjoy it. This week flies by – remember to focus on every single moment! Hopefully these tips will help keep you stress-free and able to soak up all the joy this week brings.

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