Want to know a secret most couples don’t know? The “Day-of Coordinator” is actually a myth! Most couples who think to themselves, “Why do wedding coordinators cost so much?” just don’t realize what a wedding coordinator really is. Maybe you’re thinking a coordinator shows up on your wedding day and makes magic happen. That is definitely part of it! But there is so much more that goes into wedding coordination. To understand the cost, it’s important to understand what wedding coordinators do:

Wedding Coordinators vs Wedding Planners

“Wedding planner” is a general term for people like us who help you plan a wedding. Within that there are a number of services planners offer, including wedding coordination. Wedding coordinators will typically start working for you at least a month before the big day, which is much more than the “day-of” most couples still think of. Here at AME our first step as coordinators is to meet with you to get an understanding of all the wedding planning you’ve done up to this point: all the vendors you’ve booked, your vision for the day, and every other little detail we need to do our jobs the day of the wedding. You’ve put in a lot of work, and we need to get caught up!

A side tip: your wedding planner can also be your wedding coordinator! Consult with your planner before booking to see what services they offer. Click here to see our services!

Why We Love Weekday WeddingsWedding Timeline

From there a coordinator will assist you with creating your wedding day timeline. We collaborate with your vendors to arrange their arrival times, check with photographers about sunset photos and your hair/makeup about start times, and work with you on ceremony time and other important parts of the day. Taking all of this information, we create the timeline that you and your wedding party can use to keep everyone on track!

Rehearsal Management

One of the biggest things couples overlook with wedding coordination is the rehearsal. You’ll want someone to guide you through this event and show you where to stand, how to process and recess, what happens when, etc. Coordinators will keep your wedding party on task and organize your family and run a smooth rehearsal that lasts no more than 45 minutes, leaving you plenty of time to have fun at your rehearsal dinner!

Wedding Day Management

Depending on the services offered, wedding coordinators may set up your ceremony and reception space and also tear it down at the end of the night. They are the head of logistics for the day – keeping everyone on track for the timeline, ensuring vendors arrive with their pieces of the puzzle, and making issues disappear without you knowing!

The wedding coordinator is the liaison for vendors who might need an extra hand, need directions, or have questions about the day. They are also the primary problem solver for guests, wedding party and vendors! If you suddenly need extra bobby pins, a sewing kit, tide stick, or kleenex, we got you. If your tents are suddenly collapsing because of a freak wind storm, we can also help with that!

Overall there is so much that goes into making a wedding day run smoothly, and it starts well before the big day. So next time you hear someone asking, “Why do wedding coordinators cost so much?” send them this article! And if you’re looking for a wedding coordinator in Colorado, let’s grab coffee!

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