While we love weekday weddings in a normal year, there’s about to be a whole bunch of them in 2021! With so many couples rescheduling to next year, and a whole other set getting engaged through the holidays, dates next year are going to be at a premium. Considering a weekday wedding can save you stress AND money! There are a lot of reasons why we love weekday weddings, but here are our top five:

Save Money

Why We Love Weekday WeddingsSaturdays are the most popular day for weddings, and as such they tend to be the most expensive. Some venues and vendors charge more for weddings on Saturdays than they do other days of the week, while others simply offer discounts for weekday weddings as they’re viewed as “bonus” days at that point. By hosting your wedding on a weekday you have the potential to get better rates and save some money! With those savings you can take your plans up a notch, too, with getting exactly what you want in flowers, cake or rentals. It’s a win-win!

Book Your Dream Team

Another reason why we love weekday weddings is it gives you the freedom to book your dream venue or professionals you want to work with! They are less likely to be booked on a Thursday than Saturday, allowing you to get everything you wanted. You also won’t have to stress about putting down deposits sooner than you’re ready as there’s much less rush to secure a weekday date in a hurry.

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Cheaper Lodging and Travel

You and your guests will likely benefit from cheaper hotel rooms and airfare by hosting your wedding on a weekday. Anyone who’s browsed flights on Google knows that the cheapest flights are often mid-week! The same is often true of hotel rooms or securing a whole block of rooms for your guests. Be sure to give your family and friends plenty of notice about your wedding date with your Save the Dates, though, so they can plan ahead on booking lodging and travel, as well as taking time off work.

Celebrate a Meaningful Date

Knowing when you go in to planning that you’ll be hosting your wedding on a weekday, you have more flexibility on possible dates. You’re not locked in to whatever dates are the Saturdays of the year; you can pick something meaningful to your relationship together or a creative date like 1/21/21 that you’ll always remember. You could even do a Taco Tuesday themed wedding with margs too!

More Time With Guests

When you get married on a Saturday, you often will see your friends and family that day and maybe Friday evening, before they all have to leave Sunday morning. Getting married on a Thursday, however, allows you a long weekend to spend with all your loved ones in your wedding destination! Your guests will likely love the extra time to make a vacation out of it. Inevitably a weekday wedding will have fewer guests who are able to attend, which makes for a more intimate wedding where you can enjoy the time to mingle with your guests and actually talk to everyone as well!

If you’re totally sold on the weekday wedding now, be sure to check out this article from Martha Stewart about the top 8 things to consider while planning!

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